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Send, Request and Receive Money Locally & Across Countries

Activity Screen:

The Activity screen is where you’ll find a feed of all your previous transactions on Chipper. These will include;

• People you sent money

• People who requested money from you

• People who you're requesting money from

• Any cancelled or declined transactions

These transactions are displayed on information cards which include other information like the date of the transaction, and the amount transacted. If you tap on someone’s profile picture, you’ll be able to see all the transactions between you and that person.

Personalized History:

Personalized History is a feature we built to show you a complete summary of all the transactions you’ve had on Chipper with someone else. This is really helpful when you need to find a particular transaction you sent someone or if you simply want to see how much money has been transacted between you and someone else.

Select A Recipient:

This screen is where you select who you’ll be sending or requesting money from. We display a list of all your contacts with the people you have most recently transacted with at the top. You’ll notice that some contacts have flags next to their names – these flags indicate which country the recipient is using Chipper in. It is also an easy way to know which of your contacts has signed up to Chipper and which ones have not yet done so. You can send money to both Chipper and non-Chipper users.

Send And Request:

This is where most of the fun happens! Once you have selected a recipient, this screen is where you enter the amount you want to send or request, type in a brief note, and fire away!

Cross-border Transactions:

It is good to make sure you have your t’s crossed and your i’s dotted. Whenever you’re sending or requesting money to/from someone in another country (Cross Border transaction), you’ll receive a confirmation prompt after you tap “Pay” or “Request” which will show you the exchange rate and the value of your transaction in your recipient’s currency.

We use live and current exchange rates to process Cross Border transactions so you’re always getting the most accurate offer. Plus we don’t add any markups to our exchange rates so we think you’ll appreciate that!

Intra-Country Transactions:

Intra-country transactions also prompt you to confirm your payment or request, but since the recipient’s currency is the same as yours, there is no exchange rate information.

Your Profile:

The profile section of your app is where you go to do a number of things. You can edit your name and profile picture on this screen simply by tapping either.

You can also Deposit and Withdraw money into your Chipper Wallet by using the “Add Cash” and “Cash Out” buttons. Another important feature on this screen is the ability to link multiple Mobile Money accounts to your Chipper Wallet. To do this, simply tap the “Linked Accounts” button.

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