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  • Head of Legal, Risk & Compliance (HLRC), Africa
    Kenya, Eastern Africa

    The HLRC is our legal person who will oversee, establish, and inform company policies regarding regulators in Africa specifically. The HLRC will oversee the external facing team that works directly with regulators as well as the internal facing KYC/operations team that will be charged with fraud detection and other KYC duties. The HLRC will play a key role in developing and supporting the financial crimes and compliance risk assessments. The HLRC will lead in maintaining the risk assessment entity, risk and control frameworks, engaging with financial crimes and compliance staff, and producing reports and metrics to support the execution of the annual risk assessment cycle. The HLRC may also be required to support related processes, including financial crimes and compliance data streams that feed into risk assessment. The HLRC will oversee a team of about 1 – 2 reports.

    What you will do

    • Leadership and supervisory role: Lead the junior lawyers in all legal corporate affairs; implement key legal processes that relate to legal drafting, negotiations, and commercial settlement agreements
    • Take leading interest in the management of the business resources and budget allocation for the business’s legal activity
    • Contribute to business strategy and decision-making processes alongside other departmental leaders; ensure all allegations of legal misconduct are reported in a timely manner to the executive team to maintain integrity within the business
    • Act as a mentor to key legal department personnel, encouraging their professional growth, and grooming them for the occupation of his position in future.
    • Legal advice: Manage legal risk within the business by taking responsibility for providing legal advice to the business’s senior leadership on all legal matters affecting their individual departmental transactions
    • Provide senior leadership across the business with strategic and operational guidance, aiding them in the management of litigation issues such as contract disputes and product liability; review and provide advice to the business upon request on matters concerning applicable contracts required for operation of the business. Instruct and assist external legal partners where necessary identifying potential legal risks and assessing the issues impacting legal risk, which ensures that all the business’s risk management approaches are viable
    • Collaboration: Work with departmental leadership and key stakeholders across the business in overseeing and ensuring legal compliance across the business, maintaining the business’s integrity both internally and externally (reputational risk); work with departmental leadership across the business in identifying and managing potential legal risk
    • Collaborate with management to ensure efficient systems are in place relating to compliance of high impact policies such as anti-bribery and corruption, financial transaction compliance, and so forth; work with junior lawyers to draft sensitive and high-value legal documentation necessary for business operations
    • Knowledge: Ensure free circulation of information on relevant laws and policies across the business; oversee the delivery of training to management and personnel on legal issues affecting individual departmental activities and transactions
    • Other duties: Perform similar duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his duties and duties as delegated by the HF and/ or MD

    What we are looking for in you

    • Education: Must have a degree in Law from an accredited law school and at least 5 years of working experience in a legal corporate environment; admission in the bar a must
    • Experience: At least 5 years of working experience in a corporate legal capacity within a fast-paced, fast-evolving and dynamic environment, preferably working as a Senior Lawyer
    • 2-5 years compliance experience in CMS or central compliance functions, with a strong emphasis on Anti-money laundering (AML)/ Sanctions or Compliance Risk Assessment
    • General knowledge of AML, Sanctions, and core compliance regulations required, including the Bank Secrecy Act, OFAC, and regulations applicable to consumer and financial services products
    • Knowledge of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) technology platforms preferred
    • Successful experience leading negotiations on complex, high value, contracts, and agreements
    • Demonstrable track-record producing effective and high-quality legal advice to departmental heads within a business, leading to enhanced integrity in both internal and external affairs
    • Proven and successful experience creating departmental priorities that align strategic direction of the legal department and the overall business objectives
    • Proven experience in relationship management and a demonstrated ability to lead a legal team and develop talents that subsequently drive value across the business
    • Deep understanding of financial technology, commercial banking and retail banking in East Africa specifically, and Africa in general
    • Strong analytical thinking and critical reasoning skills and a strong attention to detail
    • Self-motivation with the ability to work independently
    • Ability to effectively handle a fast-paced environment and successfully meet established deadline requirements
    • Communication skills: Must have exceptionally good communication which will especially be necessary in his leadership position; clear communication of instructions and information down the line will significantly determine the performance and efficiency of communication across the business
    • Exceptionally good communication skills in a highly collaborative and interactive capacity where clarity in information conveyance will determine how effectively collaborative tasks are executed
    • Good communication skills in drafting high-value legal documentation, which must be clear, unambiguous, concise, and conclusive, leaving no room for misinterpretation and/ or manipulation
    • Ms Office: Demonstrated knowledge of Microsoft Excel required, particularly with regards to advanced lookup and data management functions; knowledge of SQL a plus
    • Legal skills: Must have an ability to identify and remedy complex legal issues without inviting the services of external legal advice
    • Must also have exceptionally good skills in the legal negotiation such as mergers and acquisitions, tender bidding, and contract acquisitions
    • Ability to draft and manage complex patent, trademark, and regulatory documentation, handling such matters comfortably within a fast-paced fintech environment
    • Interpersonal skills: Must be a result-driven and service-driven individual, must have exceptionally good problem-solving skills, be highly adaptable and flexible, work comfortably in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, have an ability to handle multiple simultaneous tasks and meet tight deadlines, be proactive and self-motivated, have a keen eye for detail, and have an ability to remain calm and composed during times of uncertainty and stress
    • Leadership/ people skills: Must have exceptionally good leadership skills having ability to influence cross-functional teams towards a unified direction along with the business’s senior leadership and relevant stakeholders
    • Must also be a likable and relatable individual who is capable of building strong and long-lasting bonds with others; must be able to inspire trust and confidence in others who will then trust in their insights and judgments and readily follow in their directives

    Your perks

    • Basic monthly salary: Competitive
    • Benefits: Chipper employee stock option program, comprehensive health insurance cover, work permit for foreign staff, monthly airtime allowance, 26-day annual leave, a stocked kitchen, and plenty of ping-pong and foosball
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