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Football Culture Across Africa

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Chipper & Black Arrow (FC)

Highlight and Amplify Africa's Football Culture

Chipper & Black Arrow take you on a photographic journey into the local football culture within Africa.

A glimpse into local football culture

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In Lagos, Nigeria.

We look at the four major ingredients that make up Nigerian Football culture. Street Football, Local Clubs, Local Heros, The Fans.

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In Ghana.

We are taken on a journey out to the Gold Coast, and honored with a snapshot into the sheer determination of the Ghanaian youth.

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In Johannesburg, South Africa.

We get a front row seat to the grassroots connection between football and fashion, and an incredible story of local footballer.

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In Nairobi, Kenya.

We get to meet the women of Kayole Starlet, who are working hard every day to play the game they love and playing their role in growing the women's game in East Africa.

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Presented by Obidinma Nnebe

Obidinma Nnebe - Person Image

I am Obidinma Nnebe, a Nigerian-based photographer currently documenting the football culture in Nigeria.

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Whether you played professionally, or just for fun with the homies, the game starts in our streets. We play on roads, in parking lots, under bridges, or anywhere someone drops a ball. Ball is life.

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Local Clubs

Don’t get me wrong, we all love watching big European clubs play on TV, but the real heart and soul of the game comes from the dedication of our local clubs.

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Abu Azeez

Abu Abolaji Azeez is a Nigerian beach soccer player. He plays as a forward for the Nigerian Professional Football League club, Warri Wolves F.C. and for the Nigeria National Beach Soccer Team.

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Although the teams and the players are important, the fans are what make it all possible.

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South Africa

Presented by Kasi Flavour

Kasi Flavour - Person Image

Kasi Flavour is a creative agency and magazine inspired by South African culture(s), design and art. “Kasi flavour” is our South African football identity, it is the soul, spirit and DNA of who we are. From the dusty fields of our townships to the freshly cut green grass of world-class stadiums. Kasi Flavour is a nostalgic heritage and modern style of football.

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“He continued to play and never gave up on his dream”

Tumelo Mogale grew with the hopes of becoming a professional footballer. But things took a bad turn in his life when he was wrongfully arrested and accused of hijacking a car. Although he was released and acquitted on all charges, the arrest tarnished his reputation and Tumelo found it difficult to find a club that would take a chance on him during the prime of his playing days. But he never gave up hope on fulfilling his lifelong dream, and after years of giving it his all he finally turned pro at the age of 32 playing for Baroka Football Club in the South African Premier Division.

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Legends Discovered Through Fashion

South African football Heritage, Fashion and Creativity, all come together on this one photoshoot. The culture of football runs deep in this story, as our photographer himself, is the son of the late legendary Kaizer Chiefs player, known as “Shakes” Kungwane.

The T-shirt featured is an ode to our photographer's father, who was known for his no look passes.

The 80’s shorts are inspired by the 1980’s South African football icon known as the "Black Prince of South African Soccer, Jomo Sono.

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Presented by Jesse Abbeyquaye

Jesse Abbeyquaye - Person Image

I am Jesse Abbeyquaye ( “Jhey Too Cool" ), a creative director specializing in photography, cinematography, and digital design.

“You can't say you haven't kicked a ball once or twice growing up as a kid in Ghana”

The Cape Coast of Ghana is most known for its role in the transatlantic slave trade, but in this story we get to visit the country side of West Africa with photographer, “Jhey Too Cool”, for a glimpse into the dedication of the emerging football talent in the region.

Just inland off the coast is a community in Ghana that is not unlike others, filled with young kids who want nothing more than to learn and play football. These images capture the grit, will, and determination of these young kids.

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Presented by HQue Media

We get to meet the women of Kayole Starlet, who are working hard every day to play the game they love and playing their role in growing the women's game in East Africa.

We’re reminded that young women all over the world love the game just as much as their male counterparts, and the sacrifice is even greater when you consider the glass ceiling hovering over the women's game.